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Travel Insurance

What is travel insurance?

Simply put, a travel insurance plan offers coverage against all possible travel and medical emergencies while travelling within India or abroad. A travel insurance plan can be procured from any general insurance company in India and can be customised according to the destination and the type of trip to be undertaken. Travel insurance plans also carry varying cover for medical expenses, as per the country to where the travel is being done.

To most of us, travel insurance seems like an unnecessary expense. It is something which, more often than not, is not considered as part of one’s travel plans. Travelers have for years, underestimated the significance of travel insurance, as its purpose only comes to fore when things go wrong. But then, after all, isn’t it better to be safe than be sorry, especially when you’re away from home and help can be difficult to get by.

 Given below are some of the key benefits of travel insurance plans –

  • Travel Insurance policies offer compensation for flight delays, trip delays, etc., when individuals make long trips abroad.
  • Expenses with regards to trip termination is also compensated through travel insurance plans.
  • Medical treatments, hospitalization and hotel accommodation for medical emergencies are also included under a travel plan.
  • Customers can get customized plans according to the destination they are travelling to. The premium amount varies as per the destination.
  • Travel insurance policyholders can also get cover for personal liabilities, accidental death, travel delays, legal expenses, dental treatments, repatriation and emergency reunion.
  • Insurers across the country offer 24/7 customer service support to policyholders providing them with assistance for loss of documents, accidents, etc